DIY Safely
Use the correct tool for the job, saving you time and money and being much safer.

Top Tip
Instead of buying flowers every week, invest in an attractive potted plant.

Green Living
Different plants are effective removers of different pollutants. Grow a variety of plants in your home!
Floral inspiration, agent information and decor advice for difficult shapes

Estate Agents When using an estate agent, make sure that your estate agent is registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board before dealing with him or her. Do not allow an estate agent (or anyone else for that matter) to pressure you into buying a property that you are not 100% sure off. It is important to remember that the estate agent is hired by the seller and therefore he or she has a legal obligation to represent the seller's interests.
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Great Storage Tips for Small Bathrooms
Secure metal baskets to a wall for storage. The idea is to buy the same sized, small basket containers and to space them evenly from floor to ceiling. In these you can sort all the bathroom objects according to their use, child-safety or privacy factor for instance.
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Perfect Spaces for a Home Office
Attics, basements and large unused walk-in cupboards. Cupboards can be turned into a work station by adding a desk-surface which can pull in/out like a drawer. Remember to add ventilation holes if you intend putting a computer in there. Unused space under the stairs often proves ideal for a desk.
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