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Decorating Home Interiors

Decorating existing spaces ALWAYS start with existing features. Try to get your space as close to skeleton-status as possible by starting with project: Clean & Organize.

Be logic and practical when starting with a clean-up operation.

Open and empty every drawer and cupboard room-by-room.
Start sorting everything into 3 piles: throw-away, maybes and keepers.
Go through the maybes again and add to the throw-away pile those items of no sentimental importance that you haven't touched in two years.
Sort through the throwaway pile and see what can be donated to charity and what needs to simply go in the rubbish bin.

Clean the cupboards, drawers and/or shelves with warm soap water and follow with 1/1 part hot water and vinegar to wipe over everything again.

Now get organized! Put likes together and think about what can be displayed, what should be out of reach and what belongs in a cupboard. Be logic about this and categorise - keep likes together and be size smart. Recycle Ice Cream containers for small items like soup packets, needlework or nuts and bolts. Labelled on the outside they can be stacked high inside cupboards.

Simple DIY ways to accessorize your Home
■ Edge duvets or curtain panels with a double row of ribbon.
■ Add beading to patterned fabric on flower centres, around curves etc.
■ Add dynamite buttons to the centre (front & back) of scatter pillows.
■ Drape a string of glass beads along the top of a chandelier.
■ Tack contrasting braid in your initials' letter design on your pillow cases or towels.
■ Stitch tassels on the corners of your scatter cushions.
■ Hide a weight in and stitch on over sized tassels on to the corners of your tablecloth.
■ Sow buttons on the edge of pillowcases or top sheet in complementing colour.
■ Sow a beaded fringe to a table runner.
■ Edge a tablecloth with ribbons.
■ Create reversible placemats by sowing informal & formal placemats together.
■ String beads on wire and use for table decoration - around serviettes, around bottle necks etc.

Shape Solutions
What is the ideal room shape to decorate? And how do we overcome awkward shapes?

Long rooms should be 'split in two'. Divide a living cum dining room for instance with screens, a big potted tree or using two strong, but very different rugs to define the different spaces. Paint shorter walls in bold colours to carry their weight better and hang mirrors on the long walls for widening effect. Place rectangular shapes such as coffee tables parallel to the shorter walls.

Narrow Rooms need to appear wider and this can be achieved by painting the short walls darker, warmer colours and the longer walls in cooler light colours. Diagonal furniture arrangement works best and linear arrangement on the short walls such as paintings, rugs and shelves ‘stretch' them well. Use mirrors on the long walls to create width.

Tall Rooms are counterbalanced by horizontal lines such as wrap-around chair railing 3/4 of the way up the walls. Place art, shelving and other in a horizontal manner and paint ceilings in a warm and dark colour. Root your space by means of strong rugs and furniture, texture and eyelevel art pieces.

Big Rooms can be played with in darker, yet warm, paint colours and bold furniture. Seating arrangements can be grouped into separate sections and the space can be divided into smaller areas via screens and rugs for instance. Strong patterns and texture loves big open spaces, so opt for large, bold paintings, rich fabrics, texture and plants.

Low Ceilings can be painted in a light colour to recede and lighten and light flooring will help too. Vertical lines are of utmost importance and can be added by means of long curtains, hanging to the floor, or tall lamps etc. Windows from floor to ceiling will enlarge the space greatly.
Need a new look for your bathroom?

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